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  • Did a 7 year old really come up with ALL of this?
    Yes. All of it, The name. The logo. The idea. The ethos, attitude and vision. All of it.
  • Come on - he had help. No?
    Nope. He is clear in his thinking and does not want suggestions. He will take questions and often refines his ideas through conversation and observation - but its all him. Really. Even the copy - he edits that and often changes it as well.
  • So did he build the website?
    No. He did not. He's 7. His dad did this under his direction and followed his ideas and aesthetic decisions (white background, font, layout, etc...)
  • What does he want to do with the site and brand?
    He loves the idea of making things that people like and that will inspire them. He was inspired by so many others and this could only have happened with an amazing supportive and inspirational community. A BIG shout out to RP who he idolizes (in the park and out) and started him drawing and imagining this. I don't think RP knew what an impact it would have on Nathan when they were drawing at Buck 54 one evening together. So - he wants to make t shirts, hoodies, stickers, and anything else that can galvanize a group of people together around having a great time with each other and exploring their boundaries - to EXPLODE RULES in the best sense of the idea.
  • Is this a 'real' business?
    Well...yes and no. The ideas, vision, and products are ALL REAL. As is the infrastructure and how it is run. The 'business' side...well...he's 7 and this is a great project for Nathan's expression and learning and making community and who knows. If there is a 'business' with profit it will all go to help support his boarding and love of the sport. So while it will function professionally, the goal is not so much 'business' as fun, but who knows?!?!?
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