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EXPLODING RULES is the creation of Nathan, age 7.  All the inspiration, company name, logo, artwork, and attitude are his, and his alone.  Inspired by his love of snowboarding and the community he made on the hill, Nathan started this project because, "Daddy, snowboarders explode all the rules!  And have a lot of fun."

This site has Nathan's vision for Swag and fun.   If you share this vision - show it and wear a shirt, hoodie or stick a sticker.   T shirts are made to order - and we will do anything we can to accommodate special requests (Nathan has the final say on his vision of course).  We are using a (great, independent) local printer we found through (amazing) support from other boarders and will add designs as Nathan creates them.  Who knows what will show up - but count on him to Explode the Rules.  Should there be any profit - it will go back into boarding for Nathan.

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